“Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the Lord” Rom 12:18-18 (NLT)

Most times, we are quick to react based on how we feel if someone wronged us. Most times, this has led to most of the tragic cases in the world.

A historical figure like Nicollo Machiavelli would disagree with me on this blog post and many others would to but that would not change anything Because this is my space and your being here means you’d like to read my opinion on this.

Some weeks back, I met a guy at the library who was pissed at his lecturers for being mean to Him and his fellow students.

I told him to endeavor to pray for his lecturers which he blatantly refused to. He told me he would rather use Juju (Black magic). He said he had learnt to hold his charms in one hand and bible in another. He would therefore send ailments with his juju and protect himself from any reprisal attack with the bible.

Yes, I was beyond shocked. This may sound extreme, but bringing it down to the simple cases, you would see that many of us do this in our daily lives, even as Christians.

It begins from a situation where you would not ask God for his opinion on something then you go ahead to do it with your own knowledge. When it fails you, you finally come running back to God for mercy and help. What then makes you different from that guy?

Who told you it is not possible to live at peace with all men? Do you really need to have your revenge? If God was so quick to revenge, would you even be alive today? I’m sure a lot of people have a lot of beef to settle with you too.

Almost everyday of our lives, we offend at least one person, no matter how ‘perfect’ you are. If those people had had their way with you, even if you are a cat and have 9 lives, i don’t think you’d still be alive by now.

Well now you know one of the reasons why God is so merciful.

With the incessant killings happening in America which one of the major causes have been termed ‘White supremacy’, I start to wonder if things would have been different if people were actually taught to live at peace with all men and not depend on war for peace to ensure.

Like my Professor would say, “For there to be peace, there must be war”. Now i wonder what kind of war. Is it the kind of Cold War with no bloodshed or that of the two world wars with extreme bloodshed?

Next time, before you take vengeance, remember it is of the lord and if he takes it against you for what you may have or may have not done to others, you may not be alive, not even in heaven.

Just try being a peace lover. The world could be better.

Let us all be peace lovers. It is possible. Everything is possible with God.



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