My love story

(Got inspired to do this by Som.)

A lot has happened in my life within the last few weeks. Even more has happened within the past one year. I feel like my life experienced a major carousel ride and this blog is about to experience one too.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t really know why I wanted to. I just knew that a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers had a blog and so I had to have one too so as to talk about fashion since they were all doing that.

To be honest though, I don’t really have much to say when it comes to fashion, I really just do me. (Me being anything really; fashion disaster or not). Don’t get me wrong, i do love fashion. I am a fashion designer in real sense but I just really can’t see myself keeping up to owning a fashion blog.

The end point here is, this blog is going through a renewal. I’m not going to be taking about fashion except if necessary but rather, I’d be writing on the one thing I really do truly love and can go on talking about for hours – GOD.

I’m going to start this phase of this blog by relating my love story. I know many people claim to love God and be in a relationship with him but in reality most people aren’t. It’s okay if you aren’t YET.

The question here in really is “Does God know you?”

Here’s a short story of how God began to woo me and how I fell head over heels in love with him.

It all started with my mum. In 2015 as I was about to enter into the university, my mum finally saw a need of me getting to actually know who God is for myself and having a personal relationship with him. She was of the opinion that “Since you’re going to be so far away from me, I’m gonna need God to be watching you always for me.”

I think her prayer did work, because…look at me now.

Coming into the university, I didn’t know how to feel. I wasn’t so overly excited, start going partying and the rest because I really didn’t want to study in Nigeria. I was just a plain casual girl trying to make good grades to impress her parents and get out after four years.

I was a momma pleaser. I loved to make my mum happy. Whatever she told me to do, I would do, so when she told me to join a fellowship in school, I did (Partly). I was a person who hated going out so I really didn’t want to step out of my hostel to go for fellowship.

When I saw a christian gathering that was being done in my hostel every Saturday morning, I quickly jumped at that and joined so as to tell my mum I had started attending something. I also made efforts to get a daily devotional, study my bible and pray like she told me to. I really was just doing all this religiously.

From being a purely religious act, I started actually wanting to get to know who this ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ and ‘Holy spirit’ were. Little did I know the lord was just standing over me, waiting and people had already started praying for me.

It took me till 2018 to actually fall in love with him. I had just finished attending a conference for males and females. I heard the testimony of a girl who broke out of a relationship she was in and I was ‘gingered’ to break out of my own too.

Honestly I didn’t know why i did that. I was in a seemingly ‘perfect’ relationship. I just found myself texting him one day and requesting for a break up. Of course he didn’t understand why out of nowhere I asked for a break up and I didn’t either because I cried my eyes out. I just knew I wasn’t supposed to be there. It was an immoral relationship, I had given my life to Christ and understood I couldn’t continue with that baggage.

After this, it was as though the devil saw this sign of commitment and for the first time in my life, I got into a very bad company and got into another even more stupid relationship.

Looking back at those times and wondering how I survived to actually keep the faith, I understand now that people were really praying for me and God had already wrapped me in his hands and as though he was saying ‘No my daughter. You are not going to miss it. You must fulfill purpose. You must be all I want you to be in live. I love you.’

Later that year, I got to discover many talents I didn’t even know I had and start up some things I don’t know I could. I started up this blog and got a passion to write, I started having a more keen interest in fashion and even my academics took a turn around for the better.

Just to cut the story short, looking at myself now and how much my lover is working on me, I feel like the most privileged person in the world. I can proudly say I am a better person. If I were to write all the changes that have occurred in me, we probably wouldn’t end this post. Lol. We’ll be seeing them though as I write in other posts.

I really don’t know what level you are right now in your relationship with God. I don’t know how you may be feeling but I want to let you know that we can work through this. It may not be easy but it is very simple, really.

This blog is a journey. It’s going to be beneficial for me and for you too. See this as a process of self development, a process of growth, mental wellness.

God is waiting for you. He wants a relationship with you. Don’t miss it.

Remember, Life is first spiritual.

Let me know what you think about this new development in the comment session loves. I’d love to hear from you.



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