How to be a person of great worth

More than 90% of humans on earth want to leave their impact on earth before they die, yes less than 10% don’t. Why is this?

Wondering how you can be a person of greater value? Want to become the person that can have a global impact? Want to be that person the world will remember?

Well the good news for you is that it doesn’t cost you a thing monetarily. It does cost you a lot of extra discipline though.

First, you need to analyze yourself. Clearly define yourself now. Ask yourself, ‘Of how much worth am I to others?’ After you answer this question and know where you stand, then we can begin.

You need to have clearly defined values. What is your value system? What do you believe in?

You can not be like every other person and think you are going to make a global impact. The word ‘Global impact’ might look too big but when you start something from your room and see how much it can spread to the whole world, it will definitely shock you. Just look at the photo below to see how simple it is.

Next, you need to find what your purpose or passion is. What do you love to do? Does it solve a need? Does it impact people positively or not? If no, then it needs to change. Believe it or not, you were created to fulfill a need, a good need at that.

Like my mum will say “Live out your purpose passionately…Passion and purpose are geared to helping humanity”

find a positive need and solve it.

Next you need to develop yourself. This is where active discipline takes place. Get under mentorship and stay under mentorship. Strictly discipline yourself in everything you do; In your eating, sleeping, talking, relationships, actions and every other thing.

“The extent to which you can influence or impact people is to the extent to which you have developed yourself” Be genuinely interested in the needs of people. The truth is that the best investment you can make is that you make in people. It is even better than investing in real estate or the stock exchange market. Yes, it is! When you put into people, your worth increases.

Invest in people.Give back genuinely.

Remember that the best kind of wealth is not physical cash. Go for true riches. This is built up when you build yourself in Integrity, faithfulness, good relationships, trustworthiness, and discipline among others.

It is very important that you uphold relationships. Stop trying to use others only for your benefit or to make quick money. Money is never enough but one person can be a nation. At the end of the day, you might not have currency but your problems will be solved.

who also misses this show?

A friend of mine was just talking to me about how she hardly has enough cash at hand but her needs are usually solved most of the times. She then remembered a few years ago when she used to help people out without even thinking of getting anything back in return. This in turn created true and meaningful relationships which are in turn helping her today.

Being a person of great worth will help you enjoy relationships, it will help you see your relationships in a better light. It also gives you a life time retirement plan.

Remember to handle your relationships based on your value system. Do not let anyone make you downsize your values.

Also remember to always ask God for help. At the end of the day, he is always there with the answers because he was the one who created us and has our manual.

this is very important

Next month, I will be attending a leadership college and I wanted to put it out here for anyone who might be interested. This leadership college has helped me to become the woman I am today and is still helping me. It comes at a very subsidized fee and is worth all the knowledge you’d be getting. It is also registered, so you get your certificate after the college. Hope to see you there!

comment below for more inquiries and i’ll reply

With love,



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