It has been a week guys! I know I did not post last week and you might have been thinking “Well she just talked about discipline last week and now she’s slacking”

Well, guys, here in Nigeria, the power supply sometimes dances zanku with us and go MIA for a few days.

Just reminded me that i still can’t dance Zanku

So here am on a Thursday afternoon trying to meet up with my deadline of posting because EEDC has decided to be good to us just this morning. I’m not so motivated for this blog anymore but that will not keep me from posting because a girl works by knowledge and not by feelings.

This Thursday, I have come to tell you all about a struggle I have been facing with living a disciplined live which I am quite sure 95% of the population are also facing.

DISTRACTIONS. There are a lot of distractions but the major distraction in our lives is social media. A person can literally spend 5 hours chatting or scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube videos without noticing so much time has passed by.

I personally am a victim of this. This has been a major problem for me in living a disciplined and organized life. This is because you might have planned out your day and then spend too much time on your phone which leaves you cutting out so many things you were supposed to do with the time spent.

It’s even tougher for people like me who work online. I own an Instagram style blog on @_teffan_ and I tell you, it is a big struggle to not overspend time on IG while trying to engage with other accounts or find style or feed inspirations.

you can follow my page on instagram and engage with me there.

Even a person who doesn’t work online might want to just go online to answer a chat and just end up staying online for more than an hour.

At the end of the day, you end up feeling like you did not do anything reasonable with your day and this is because you wasted so much time on your phone.

So what do you do to curb this?

Set out specific time to spend on your phone. When you pick up your phone, know what exactly you want to do on that phone and state out the specific time you want to spend on it. Immediately your phone is down, put your phone down and do something else that is important.

Be intentional

For extremist, I know people who have completely gotten rid of their phones so as to not get distracted. I mean, I can not do that because of the nature of things I do but if going extreme like that is the only way you know will help you stay focused and disciplined, then do it!

We spend so much time on social media unconsciously and unintentionally while we could be using that same time to do many other relevant things which can bring forth profit.

remember to unplug

This week, make a commitment to spend less time on your phone and whatever you want to do on your phone, do it INTENTIONALLY.

As you work towards this, also pray to God for discipline to do this because he is the only one that can keep us focused and disciplined.

After praying for discipline, achieve it!

Happy Easter to us all! I’m grateful for the death and resurrection of Christ because I know I died to sin and now I live in him.

Till next week Thursday!


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