Living a disciplined life in the 21st century

We all know that in order to be truly successful in life, you always have to be disciplined.

The problem with this is that people always tell us this but forget to tell us how to be disciplined and how many trials and fails we are going to experience before we finally understand the mastery of discipline.

We have people like Mark zukerberg, Jeff bezoz, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Beyonce, Alakija folorunsho who ‘started from the bottom but now they are here’

It did take time and discipline, which many of us still do not know how to integrate into our everyday live. This is because, most times we think ‘well their time was different, this is now’

Well, here I was, as an extremely ‘tired babe’ on a Monday afternoon while my dad taught me about living a disciplined life. As usual, the first thought that runs into my mind is ‘I’m tired guy, what’s with it and this discipline thing again. Can’t a person just live in peace?’

Girl, i feel the same way too

There was no harm in trying though. I did want to contribute to the world and not just be a passerby, so if that could happen through discipline, well, I could test run it.

So, there my quest began on living a disciplined life. (In a dramatic pirate’s voice)

only boss vibes from here on!

It began on a Tuesday morning, after my devotion, I talked to God about it because that is KEY. After this, I set up an action plan in my journal.

Another key to living a disciplined life is to know what to do always and at what time you should be doing it. No distractions.

My trial was writing a list of what I should do and how my day should run through. My error was not actually putting a time frame on every one of them. Did this matter? I was soon to find out that it really did.

Skip to the middle of the day. It felt good to tick a lot of things off the list but I also was not able to tick off some things. Here, procrastination came into place.

You’re welcome!

Then came determination-Determination to finish my list and not get distracted.

[Flashback to the previous Monday.] Note to self: *Do not spend time on mindless chatter, grab a book and read*. That was though but part of discipline.

when i see someone who doesn’t read books

At the end of Tuesday, I was quite happy seeing the amount of things I had ticked off my list. My day was good. It was hard, but fruitful and good.

On Wednesday, It was a total fail. I woke up and didn’t have quite a great devotion (This was where the problem started). While drifting in and out of sleep and also trying to plan my day, my friend entered into my room to tell me an emergency lecture had been scheduled. (here began my disheveled day)

Rushing to have my bathe and go to school, I was not able to plan my day. To cut the whole story short, the whole day ended up wasted. There was no class, I could not draft my blog post, did not study, I started thinking about so many things and at the end of the day, I ended up mentally exhausted without even doing anything tangible with my time.

I’m done

I know this is not like my typical blog post but I did feel the need to share this with you all.

It is not easy living a disciplined life these days. Most times, you feel the urge to say ‘I’m busy’ everyday but when you actually make a list of things you do in a day, it turns out you were just running to and fro without actually getting anything done.

Most times, we fail at the beginning and give up saying ‘This stuff is not for me, I do not need this’.

With God, this is made easy though and if you forget that first place, that is where your chaos starts.

It might not be easy but it is worth it. Try! You may fail or you will fail, but still try again. Trying will not harm you.

never quit.

We are here, not for a long time, but for a great time and to leave a positive impact.

Next week, I will continue on this and share with you guys some of my struggles and achievements from this. I hope you gained something and this was a worthwhile read. See you next Thursday!

mood right now because i am far from perfect.

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