How to nail your spiritual goals in 2020

If you are that person who always writes “have a deeper relationship with God” in every new year goal you set, this blog post is for you.

A lot of times, a major percentage of us set faith goals with pure intentions in a bid to enhance our relationship with God and it seems at the end of the year, you just accept whatever the tide brought in or just say “meh! I tried”.

Well, it’s going to be different this year. Somebody say “Alleluia!”. So why is it going to be different? Because I, being aided by the holy spirit is here to help you achieve that major goal.

No, God is not interested in a long distance relationship with you. He’s not interested in only being seen when you’re on your screen typing ‘Jesus Over Everything’. He’s not a snub, waiting to hit you with a ‘you’re trash’ look whenever you miss it.

He’s interested in that intimate relationship you want. He wants to be your boo, he wants to be your bae. He wants to be the first thing you think about when you open your eyes in the morning. The first person you kiss and talk to before you grab your phone or head out for the day. He wants to be the speed dial on your list whenever we are in trouble.

I’m sure most of us know how much God loves us. You know of his undying and everlasting love but do you know how much he wants an intimate relationship with you.

He too is excited when you write that goal and say “I’m going to have a deeper relationship with God this year”. He’s all for it! He’s like ” yes! Let’s do this”.

But there’s often times a problem. Do you know what the problem is? Let me simplify it for you in a conversation.

Me: Lord, I want to have a deeper relationship with you this year

God: Yes, let’s do this!

Me: Yes, I can do this!

God: No, I said ‘Let’s’. I mean you and I

Me: Lord, chill. I can handle this

God: But I want to show you the way. Let me help you. Let me show you what to do. Let me explain the dos and don’ts to you. Let me direct your paths. I want to guide you.

Me: Father, I got this

God: No you don’t.

“She’s gonna mess this up”

You have probably been a victim of this once, we all have. What I’m trying to outline here now is to show us why we actually fail in that goal. If this can be corrected, it’ll be a large step to succeeding this year.

Look, you can’t do it by yourself. Now, I don’t mean you should leave everything for God to do. God is not your errand boy. You need to put in the work too but while doing this, you know you are doing it hand in hand.

Also, enough of the chill Christianity we all love to practice in this generation. If the Holy Spirit is not correcting something in you everyday of your life, then go check yourself, something is wrong.

Most of the time, our inability to take corrections and discipline from the holy spirit prevents us from scaling up to spiritual growth and attaining that goal. You’re like “God let me do me, then you do you.”

Remember, God chastises those he loves. Look at Hebrews 12:6-11

A lot of Christians are comfortable staying in dirt and being relaxed, hinging on ‘saved by grace’ then at the end of the year, you say you did well with your spiritual goal when really, deep within, you know you are lying to yourself.

First tip: Allow God help you

Second tip: Be true to yourself and true to God. Ask God to search your heart daily. Let him make you holy, tried and true.

Due to length factor and me not wanting this blog post to become too lengthy, I’ll be continuing next week with a part 2 where I can hopefully conclude this topic (as the spirit leads).

Start working on your spiritual goals now. It’s possible to hit everything- to truly hit it.

Song recommended: Lord daily search my heart by Theophilus Sunday. (You can listen to this through the week and make this prayer)

I’m available if you want to Email me and talk.

Till next week!

Love, Teffan.


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