5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make This Christmas

As we all know, Tis the season! Ho!ho!ho! Christmas is finally here and the Christmas spirit keeps getting stronger day by day as I scroll through the streets of the internet. Christmas spirit is here and popping! Unfortunately, as there is so much joy and excitement in the air, there are also so many people … Continue reading 5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make This Christmas


how to stop ‘stressing’ this season

It’s Christmas. It’s a season when people should supposedly be jolly but little wonder why so many people are stressing themselves so much. *plays 21 pilots' 'stressed out' on repeat*“There’s so much to do” “I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet” “I don’t have any money to shop for Christmas” “I don’t have a car to travel … Continue reading how to stop ‘stressing’ this season