5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make This Christmas

As we all know, Tis the season!


Christmas is finally here and the Christmas spirit keeps getting stronger day by day as I scroll through the streets of the internet.

Christmas spirit is here and popping!

Unfortunately, as there is so much joy and excitement in the air, there are also so many people making a lot of mistakes during this season which would leave them with life long consequences.

In this blog post, I’m listing out some of these very common mistakes and hopefully, you won’t fall into their trap this year.

1. IMPULSE ACTIONS: This is very deadly as this is the season where a lot of people are spurred to act based on their emotions. You feel like doing something so you just do it without thinking of the consequences and say ‘If I perish, I perish’.

Look, stop impulse buying, stop those shopping sprees. You can still get gifts for your family and friends without breaking the bank. Don’t jump back into that bad relationship because ‘Tis the season’. Don’t lose all your values and integrity because of one ‘Detty December’.

Before you do something, I know emotions may be high and all that but just calm down. Sit down, think, count the costs before you take a decision. December is not the end of the world. Remember, when the mist of celebration is gone, you’ll have to live with the consequences of those decisions/actions.

Some people shocked when the festivities finally end

2. DEPRESSION/LONELINESS: I really don’t know why but I have found out it is very easy for people to fall into depression and loneliness at this very festive period of time. Some people get very sad and depressed during their birthdays (I used to be here) which is supposed to be a very celebratory day for them.

Don’t allow yourself feel lonely or depressed. You can’t enter 2020 with that. It’s baggage and you need to let it go. Put every garbage of depression where it needs to be, in the trash. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Feeling lonely? Step out of your house and go somewhere good (walking is free)

Throw it into the thrash where it belongs

3. NOT SETTING GOALS: A lot of people forget to plan and set goals for the new year coming and before you know it, just the eve before the new year, they end of setting unrealistic new year resolutions.

Resolutions and goal setting are very different. Goal settings takes more planning, is more detailed, more realistic and has higher chances of success. Don’t be carried away by the festivities and forget to set goals for the new year. Also make realistic goals which you can achieve.

4. FORGET: A lot of people forget. Honestly, I don’t know if people think that after Christmas and new year celebration, the world comes to an end. This is why January always look so long to some people.

Don’t go gathering wealth though the year just to spend it in one month. If you think about it, you laugh and see how stupid it is but that is what most of us do. You can still save this season. It’s all a matter of choice. No you just not buy that latest bag. Yes, you don’t need it.

If you finish ‘dettying’ your December and start hoping your January will be clean, just know you are on a long thing oo. Get yourself ready for 2020. It’s approaching. I wish we spend more time getting ready for the new year than we do getting ready for Christmas.

Think about it

After all the celebration and festivities, you will realize that real life continues. Most people, real life has to smack them in the face before they come back to their senses. Let your name not be ‘most people’ this time around. Lol.

Not me though…

5. DECEIT: Deceit is on the increase this season. I didn’t want to talk on this but I said just to just because it’s my blog and I can. For my Nigerian babes, howfa na?

With all the foreign men coming into the country this season, we tend to forget that abroad could mean anything and not all that glitters is gold. A lot of ladies see this period as an opportunity to bag the biggest foreign dude in town and get hooked but usually, this turns out to be one of the gravest mistakes you can make.

If I’m in Imo and you are in Abuja, I’m abroad to you ooo, just remember that. It’s not for you to define your own abroad to me. If I tell you I’m from the south, it doesn’t necessarily mean South Africa, I can be from Nnewi South.

Also for the men, so many business opportunities will be coming to you this time around which may look juicy and authentic but if you don’t sit, think, plan and ask God for direction may end up being your doom.

Picture from google

The end point is, look twice, think thrice and remember to always pray and talk to God especially during this season. WATCH AND PRAY.

With this I round up my list of 5 top mistakes people make during Christmas. Found a mistake you’ve made before here? Resolve to doing better this time around and watch your new year bloom.

Till next time my loves!

My own Christmas card to you all💖

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