Top 5 Most Deadly Relationships

We all know what season it is…

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Thursday with Teffan. As we all know, 2020 is upon us and it is time for us to get out our big scissors out because it is butchers season😎

I know no one wants to carry the old garbage of 2019 into 2020 so you had better listen to me now or forever remain sorry 😒

Today we are looking at a very critical aspect of human life. RELATIONSHIPS! Ahhh..good ol relationship. No human can live without them. Yes not even you loner because you have a relationship with your bed already🙄

Delving straight into our topic, you see, there are five very toxic relationships that exist on earth and almost everyone has at least one as a friend.

Yes! This is that sign you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to cut it!

Don’t wait for it to hit you in the face.

1. Complainers: We know a complainer when we see one (or sometimes we are just too oblivious to). You might even be a complainer and not know. These kind of people suck out the whole energy from you. They are the reason a husband will stay out with his friends all night rather than go back home to his nagging wife. If this is you, stop it. If you have someone like this around you, cut em off.

2. Competitors: Argghh! I’ve had my fair share of experience with these ones. The funny thing is a competitor never admits he/she is one. This person competes with you in literally everything. If they could compete with you on who’s breathing fresher air, they would. These people make you feel terrible about yourself and you shouldn’t keep a relationship with this kind of person. If you are one, you need to change. NOT EVERYTHING IS A COMPETITION!

Now hollup hollup! I’m not talking about people who stir you to do better, I’m talking about people who just outrightly compete with you to pull you down.

Glad I cleared that up.

3. Sconers: Have you ever told your friend one sincerely bomb idea you had and they laughed it off, totally shattering your ego? DING DING DING!

I personally think scorners are the worst because they are literally vision killers. If Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates had scorners around them as friends, I’m sure they wouldn’t be where they are now. Scorners would literally kill your destiny and throw it in the bin like a piece of trash. If you still tolerate them, you are joking with your life. Cut them off!

People who laugh at your ideas

4. Lazy people: I’m surprised how people glorify themselves in being lazy these days. Is it a virtue? This is a great sign of indiscipline and people like this are definitely not good for your future. If you are lazy person, you need to buckle up. Laziness will get you no where. If you have a lazy person around you, you need to help them buckle up before they dampen your spirit or cut them off.

5. Fake Friends: I think this one is the most funny category. Why? So many of us just cope with fake friends. I’ve had a lot of fake girl friends in my life who I knew were obviously not my real friends but I kept trying to make them be that.

The irony of life

Be honest to yourself, these people don’t care about you. They only care about themselves. You are very much at risk here because at any opportunity they have, they’ll chew you up and spit you out like gum.

Uh huh…messy.

If someone is fake around you, you should know, the signs are so obvious. Or should I make a blog post on signs of fake friends? *thinks about it for a minute*

Well, that would be all for today. Now that you’ve heard this, you can decide to act on what you’ve heard and glide into 2020 with peace of mind or not.


Till next Thursday. Bye!