Are you on a budget and basically just bored with life right now? Thinking, “what can I do for fun right now? I just work all day and do nothing fun”

Well, you are in the right place. Lucky for you, I am on a tight budget right now. As a student, you usually have to be on a budget due to all the things to pay for. Doubling that with being a blogger and a worker, I am on an extremely tight budget.

First things first, stratify your budget plan accordingly. Do not just go around saying “I’m on a budget” and have no outlined budget yet. I do not kid you when I say “You will fail brutally”

Pick out a journal, write out the estimated amount you have as your income every month and classify every percent of cash will be using. * Don’t forget to add savings! That is very important*

An example

Now that that is sorted out, here are some fun things you can do .

  1. Cook for fun

I know this may sound weird, especially for people like me who do not like cooking. Let me tell you this, it is really fun to cook when you are trying out a new dish. I know right now, you may be like “Girl, we are on a budget. We do not have that kind of money to spend”

When you are on a budget, you should hardly ever eat out. So why not make your cooking fun and have variety. You don’t need to buy expensive food items but buy something you can mix up.

cooking can be fun
  • Spend time with good friends more.

Instead of looking for where to go with friends , why don’t you actually stay back home and actually spend quality time with friends. When I mean friends, I do mean people that influence you positively and motivate you to do more. When you are spending time with those kinds of people, you realize that time flies by so fast and you leave feeling more motivated and energized.

It even helps us get to know our friends better and have more intimate and productive sessions with them.

  • Go for gatherings
I’m currently searching for a blogger meetup in Anambra or anywhere in south east Nigeria.

It’s not every gathering you go for that you have to spend money on. I have come to realize that most of the gathering I go for and don’t even spend money on are the ones which impact me positively more.

Personally, I love going to church. Church is my space. I meet with people from different spheres of life yet with the same understanding. Even those with greater understanding. The greatest teachers are in church, I end up leaving with either a new information, inspiration or motivation.

Also I love going for creatives hangouts. I do not have to spend on this and yet I meet so many creatives who motivate me in these gatherings.

I also love going for random programs. The good ones though.

  • Thrift shopping
Can you relate?

If you love restocking on new things like me, you will see the need for this.

It is hard to shop and get enough when you are on a budget. Imagine then doing it in luxury stores. It is like literally putting a gun through your head.

I know we will get there. We will get to the point when we can shop any luxury item we want without flinching but right now honey, we are on a tight budget so put that gun down and lets go to the thrift store.

Usually, I find thrift shopping very thrilling. It is an adventure. Not knowing what you are going to get but just basically looking out for something beautiful and calling dibs on it before someone else does. It is a chase and I love it. You would too.

  • Pray
Never forget to pray

I say this because you can not be on a budget by your own power and discipline. You need to ask God to help you, thank him for the ones he has already provided and ask him to continue to provide when you are in need. He always will. (Matt 6: 25-34)

So, that is all for today guys. I hope you gained a lot from this post and good luck being on a budget while still having fun.

Stay save, stay happy.

With love from, Teffan.


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