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Hey guys! Welcome back to another Thursday with Teffan. How have you all been?

I know you’re probably looking at the title of this blog post and wondering… “How the hell is live just like a piece of cake? She must be nuts. Life is hard”

Well, if you’re Nigerian, you should be familiar with the term “Take life easy, take life jeje” So why should you not take life easy and make life just a piece of cake for you? Unrealistic? LOL.

Well that’s not what I’m talking about today. I actually see life and the people in it just like cake. Not a piece of cake, but like a whole cake. Yunno? With the icing and designs and everything. Yup.

Yes, we are talking about this practically.

currently in danger of getting hungry for cake.

You may be wondering now “Wait a minute. What is she talking about?” Just keep scrolling, you’ll understand soon. Don’t worry, the read is worth it.

You know those girls or guys you always see slaying on the gram and everywhere, with literally the latest outfits, shoes, hair, phones, cars, bags and everything.

Just casually giving the girls ootd inspiration for the week

Then you ask them intellectual or spiritual questions and some just don’t get it at all, you meet them in person and then you find out their character and personality is wack.

What do you call them? Yeah that.

Then do you also know those guys and girls you meet sometimes who are very intellectual or spiritual. They can literally answer any question you ask them, then you look at their physical appearance and you’re literally thrown off balance because they look so unkept.

What do you call them? Yeah that.

If you’re fast, you should already understand what I’m getting at. If you aren’t then a lot of people relate with you.

The fist example is that of an icing without any cake.

The second is that of a cake without any icing.

Their personalities make up for the design of the cake and icing.

Do you know what category you fall in now?

I have come to realize that a lot of people are not complete cakes in life while some people are complete cakes with even steps and more toppings.

Some people are even half baked cakes with a not properly done icing.

I’m not here to castigate anyone or anything because I know I’m not perfect either. What I am here to do is to motivate you to do something about it.

Level up.

 If you know you have no cake, well go bake one. Read books (spiritual and intellectual), study hard, research, attend seminars. Do better.

If you have no icing, do better too. Dress better, pamper yourself, take care of your skin, your hair and everything.

If your cake has no beautiful design, start to cultivate a better character and personality. It may take time but remember doing something consistently for like a month already cultivates a habit. Break the bad habit and build better ones.

I’d highly recommend the book “Making good habits, breaking bad habits” by Joyce Meyer.

Doing all these for a period of time builds up steps in your cake. It takes years of consistent effort but is worth it.

With all these, if you’re still asking, “How will this benefit me in any way?”

Imagine if you go to a cake shop and you see these different types of cakes; A naked cake, just icing lying on the tray, A whole cake with icing but not properly designed, A cake with icing and great designs, A cake with many steps, icing and beautiful designs. Which would you choose?

I rest my case.

Just think about it.

See y’all next week Thursday.

BTW, now I’m hungry for cake, *thanks a lot guys*.

don’t you just love this for us. LOL.


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