Reasons why you should forget the past.

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Hey guys! Welcome back to another Thursday with Teffan.

How is your week going?

As you can see from the post title, you know that this Thursday, we are talking about forgetting the past.

A lot of the time, “forget the past” or “past is past” is being said often in our society at large. I believe we must have gotten sick and tired of hearing this phrase by now. I think this is why a lot of people choose not to actually forget the past and stay stuck there.

Human beings are naturally rebellious. I wouldn’t be shocked if I tell someone to forget the past and that triggers the person to remain in the past even more solidly.

That is why today I won’t be telling you to forget your past.

Rather, I’ll be showing you what exactly you are losing because you either consciously or unconsciously decide to remain in the past.

  1. You are stuck in the past.
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This must be very obvious. If you’re still reliving the memories of something that happened in 2015, that means you’re still way back in 2015. Imagine that.

You may physically be in 2019 but you are in reality actually in 2015. So if people are moving forward or progressing, you remain stagnant.

If you are like this, I don’t even think you should be saying “Happy New Year” Lol.

2. You can’t move on with your life.

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What happens when you are stagnant at a point?

Yes. You can not move.

So while life is happening all around you, you are actually not moving. You literally just put a stand still on your life by choosing to dwell in the past.

It’s just like you are standing still in the middle of a very busy roadwalk.

3. The past can poison the present

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When you continue to dwell on the past, you get so overwhelmed by the present that you can’t even be able to handle it.

Situations in your present life start to get affected because you are still thinking the way you would think years ago.

You are not growing enough to be able to handle the present.

Your present therefore gets distorted due to the past.

4. You can’t learn from the past if you’re stuck there.

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I know we hear or say most times that ‘history is the best teacher’.

That’s true.

It also is true that you can’t learn from history if you don’t move from history.

Imagine if we- the world has not progressed in technology just because we choose to stay in the past.

It’s from the things we learned from the past that we got the initiatives to build new systems, to be peaceful, to grow.

We would not have learned all these if we decided to stay in the past and not grow, learn and move on.

5. Health issues.

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I’m sure you are surprised to see this point. I was too when I did some research.

Did you know storing up negative emotions for a long time can cause cancer or related diseases?

Well, now you know.

There is still a long list of this but I choose to stop here. Now, you know what to do.

I know it might not be easy to forget and I also know there are some things you should not forget.

What I am trying to say in all these is, don’t be stuck in the past. The hurts of the pasts, the achievements, the emotions, most times are not even ‘that worth it’. It is not all necessary.

There are people around the world suffering from Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) who remember things from decades ago as clearly as you would remember what happens in the morning and are wishing they could forget things.

Learn from the past but don’t stay there.

With this, I say goodbye, till next week Thursday.

Don’t forget to leave your comments. I’ll like to know your opinion on this issue.


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