Fears and Failures


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while.

 A lot of things have been going on in my life and I have been feeling too overwhelmed to write. That’s not the point for today though so we can save that story for another day (That is if you want to hear it)

Anyways, looking at the post title, you should know what we are talking about today. THE TWO DEADLY Fs.

Everyone gets afraid, everyone fails at some point or the other. It is like a necessary evil for life.

The issue at hand is learning to manage these fears and failures rather than letting them overwhelm you.

Most times, our fears are centered around the fear of failing.

 I have been scared of failing so much in my life that I even shocked myself by starting this blog. I’ll always say it is God’s grace because I doubt I can do this by my own strength.
like how?!

Most times we are scared of entering a business because “what if it does not go well”, Scared of taking a course because “what if I don’t do well”, Scared of entering a competition because “what if I do not win”.

A friend once told me “Let the anticipation of your victory be greater than the fear of failure” and honestly, that’s the only way we can conquer the fear of failing.
lol, Anticipate the victory.

“So what happens if I have failed already?”

Remember love, you are going to win some, you’re going to lose some. Look forward to the ones you are going to win.

When you fail, look back at the amount of victory you have had in your life. There is always at least one. That alone should keep you pressing forward. There is still more to come.

If you continue to be afraid of failing, I tell you must solemnly, your fears will surely catch up with you.
so stop running

You may think “oh! I’m not doing it by the way so it’s not like I’m losing”. Well let me tell you this, you just did. You lost an opportunity. You failed.
But that can change.

So many people die with great works in their head which could have benefited humanity immensely just for the fear of failing. You are not only being selfish to yourself but to the whole world at large.

Imagine, you’re too scared to start that business of yours because you think it will fail but you don’t know it’s actually going to even motivate other small businesses.

You’re nonchalant about becoming born again and living according to the standards of Christ because of fear that you might not be able to live up to the standards when you don’t know that grace has been provided for you and there are a lot of destinies following you.

My point therein is, if you want to do something, once you’re sure in your spirit it is the right thing to do, GO FOR IT!
Take the shot.Go for it!

You/that could be the next big thing. YES!
Like that very popular handbook says “JUST DO IT”

In the song ‘Brave’ by Moriah peters, it says, ‘fears kills more dreams than failure’

When you apply this and begin to see good results, you can dm me on my instagram @_teffan_ I would like to hear your amazing testimonies.

Good bye for now. See you all next week Thursday.


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