how to stop ‘stressing’ this season

It’s Christmas. It’s a season when people should supposedly be jolly but little wonder why so many people are stressing themselves so much. 

*plays 21 pilots’ ‘stressed out’ on repeat*

“There’s so much to do” “I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet” “I don’t have any money to shop for Christmas” “I don’t have a car to travel back home with” “I am not married yet and the year is already coming to an end” “I need new stuffs” have all become common phrases to hear during this season.

Don’t we just get tired of it all? Personally, this year, I’m tired. I’m very tired. We should all rather just stay happy this season, not stressing, while still living a good life and not caring about what people will think.

Half of our problems will be solved if we all stop asking ourselves this soul piercing question, “What will people think?”
Don’t have money to get gifts? Do DIYs! There are so many DIYs gifts tutorials on the net. Pros: It will cost you almost nothing; People also appreciate hand crafted gifts because it makes them feel very special.

Have so much to do? Calm down! Take a breath, pick up a sheet and write the list of things you need to do, prioritize them and then start from there. If it is not going to be of benefit to you, DON’T DO IT.

Not married yet? 2019 is another year, remember there are so many others. Keep on developing yourself and enjoying your ‘singlehood’ while it lasts. Remember, marriage is for life.

When shopping, go with a list of what you need to avoid over spending. Have a budget. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Don’t break your neck buying something that’s too expensive just because others are doing it too. Remember, the expenses for 2019 are also piling up to. Let’s learn to save and spend wisely.

For outfits, you can get cheap outfits and still match them together beautifully. It does not have to be designer. Better still, get a fabric proportional to your pocket weight and make an outfit yourself.

There’s so many ways to be happy this season without spending a huge load of money or living to please others. Don’t force yourself to do things which you will naturally not do. Most times, it’s fun to not be part of the crowd.

Also, remember to stay safe this season (well and every time). Evil is abounding. You have to mind where you go to. Endeavor to be at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. Be with trust worthy people at all times. Secure your items and avoid ‘jumping’ into strangers’ cars or houses.

And let’s endeavor to remember CHRIST IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. It’s the birth of the one who practically loved us to death.
Let’s interact in the comment section. Tell me what you think about this.


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